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Fendt Certified inspires confidence in our purchase decision.

Toralf Müller, agricultural business Pfersdorf - Katana

Fendt Certified inspires confidence in our purchase decision.

Ensuring feed production for hundreds of cattle

Hildburghausen – one of the most photographed cities of Germany, with its baroque city centre and situation in the valley of the Werra river – is also home to Pfersdorf, a large agricultural business which was founded 30 years ago and now has a workforce of 35. The farm owns 2,200 hectares of farmland, including arable land and pasture. Its farming production includes crop cultivation, as well as livestock production in the form of keeping suckler cows and raising beef cattle.

The Fendt Katana forage harvester is ideal for use in feed production

"The large area of land, the fodder business and the feed production for the cattle, as well as the maize silage and grassland, take up the vast majority of our work." This is where the harvester, a Fendt Katana 65, comes into play. Pfersdorf harvests together with the neighbouring farm, processing 500-600 ha of maize and 1,500 ha of grass silage. "The natural conditions for farming production are not easy, with heavy-going and sometimes stony clay restricting the yield." Intensive farming and tough production conditions call for highly complex and efficient machines. Smooth processes, reliability and efficiency are everything in farming. That is why farmer Toralf Müller decided on a used machine, fully tested and approved by Fendt Certified.

High-grade, certified Fendt quality

A recent machine, few operating hours and certified Fendt quality – just a few of the many reasons why farmer Müller opted for the Fendt Katana forage harvester. The harvester driver was thrilled with the purchase. Everything was just right: operation, power and diesel consumption – the Fendt quality we all know and value. "We were offered the best care and service at the dealership, a high level of reliability and an additional 1-year warranty, so it was an obvious choice", says Toralf. "We were impressed with the whole package – there were no down-sides."

For farmer Müller, risk minimisation and damage cover are the key benefits of used machines from Fendt. "This risk mitigation is very important to us, as we work together with our neighbouring farm. With used machines, there's always a risk of weak points and wear. But Fendt Certified inspires confidence in our purchase decision." Because of the high standards, combined with an in-depth initial inspection, Fendt used machines are certified with the Fendt seal and symbolise proven quality.