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The quality is impeccable and the same goes for comfort.

Trond Sverre, Storåsen AS maintenance, Sjusjøen / Norway - Five Fendt Tractors

The quality is impeccable and the same goes for comfort.

When quality, comfort and economy count

Storåsen AS conducts winter maintenance on Sjusjøen and demolishes 1300 cabins, the entire downtown area as well as two municipal rudders and four county road rudders. Storåsen AS was founded in 2012 with three employees. Today they are 15 permanent employees, and they have 4 hired. In the winter they do winter maintenance and in the summer they do excavation, mass transport and ground work.

The development in the company has been very good, and we are very pleased with the size we are at now and our equipment park. We currently have 5 Fendter and are very happy with them. The quality is impeccable and the same goes for comfort, says Trond Sverre. But it is not just comfort and quality that make Trond Sverre and the rest of the gang in Storåsen AS have chosen Fendt. The economy also plays an important role.

The economic choice

Many people who are going to buy a tractor look at the purchase price and it alone, but Trond Sverre points out a number of points that mean that it is not necessarily the purchase price that counts the most.

If you plan to drive the tractor 8000 hours, you have to look at the cost when you have driven 8000 hours. Not what it costs when it is new. And that is precisely when the tractor has run 8000 hours, Trond Sverre believes Fendt will be the most economical choice. Firstly, Fendt has an incredibly good resale value, which means that when we have leased the tractors down to zero, we can get a good sum back for them. The costs along the way are also less with Fendt. There is very little nonsense and we have a good uptime on the tractors. This is important when we drive as much as we do. There are also several factors Trond Sverre points out when it comes to Fendt and economics. The connection between engine and transmission on Fendt is well optimized, and ensures that the tractor always runs at the correct speed in relation to the task to be performed. I would claim that fuel consumption is below. I will not say exactly how much, but they are low on consumption. Obviously something depending on load, amount of snow and things like that. But when it comes to snow removal, they are lower, and it probably depends a lot on the tractor working very calmly. Everything is so harmonious, so it does not seem to stress.

Precision ensures perfection

When 1300 entrances to cabins are to be plowed, precision is required from both the driver and the tractor. The fact that the tractor stops and starts in the same way every time is something Trond Sverre points out as important. When we break close to cabin walls, it is important that we can predict when the tractor will stop and how it will start when we press the gas. If we can not, you have to sit with your leg over the brake all the time to be careful, and it becomes tiring in the long run. With Fendten, we can feel completely confident that it stops when it should, and that the commissioning is as smooth as possible. And the good interaction between engine and transmission has become one of Fendt's hallmarks. The well-developed Vario transmission ensures good driving comfort, precise driving and little power loss between engine and wheels. This in turn saves fuel. The good interaction between engine and drive is something we notice extra well when we break. The tractor does not stress, but gears up and down to the right speed, regardless of whether there is a lot of heavy snow. This is comfortable for the driver, and ensures good driving comfort in the already quiet cabin, says Trond Sverre.

The driver is in focus

Driving lever and the interaction between electronics and driver, is also something Trond Sverre points out as an important factor for why they chose Fendt. The function we like best with Fendten must be the drive lever.

It makes it incredibly easy to control the tractor, as well as implements and more. The buttons on the drive lever can be easily programmed to the functions we want them to have, and you can control everything from the drive lever.There is also another function Trond Sverre points out as practical with Fendt - namely that you can get them with a reversible driver's seat.

Several of the tractors we have are delivered with a reversible driver's seat. We use this often, when the roads are clogged with snow. Then we turn the cutter back and back - then the tractor gets the same driving characteristics as if we were to use a wheel loader.

With a factory-fitted reversible driver's seat from Fendt, it is not only the seat that is turned, but the steering wheel and armrests also follow 180 degrees around.

To ensure that you sit as comfortably as possible, regardless of driving direction, the three-point cab suspension ensures minimal vibration and high driving comfort. The combination of resilient front axle, cab with air suspension and active suspension in the driver's seat ensures optimal driving comfort for the driver.

The valley is what holds

When the conversation comes to what kind of gear Trond Sverre has on the tractors, the answer is clear. We drive with Dalen milling cutters, because that's what holds. We have tried other brands, but in recent years we have only driven Dalen. It is durable, and is built for Norwegian conditions. Trond Sverre currently has Dalen cutters on all his tractors, and has no plans to change. The ability to take away snow and durability are points he points out for why they have gone for Dalen.

A good relationship with the mechanics

When the equipment park becomes large, and there are many customers who depend on the work you do - it is important to have a good service team behind you. No matter what brand you drive, it happens that things break. That's just the way it is. What is important is that you then get help immediately, and there I have to brag about the mechanics at Eiksenteret. They arrive both early in the morning or in the middle of the night and fix bugs continuously. It is a security you cannot put a price tag on, says Trond Sverre.

Trond Sverre likes this with Fendt

- Precise vending.

- Good comfort in the cabin.

- Reversible driver's seat.

- Low consumption.

- Little downtime.

- Very good resale value.