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I had a chance to try the machine, and right from the outset there was no doubt in my mind.
Marco Giletta, head of agricultural company from Cuneo, Italy - Fendt Katana 65
I had a chance to try the machine, and right from the outset there was no doubt in my mind.

Giletta Fratelli Agricultural Business- Fendt Katana 65, love at first sight

With considerable effort, commitment and perseverance Silvio, forefather of the Giletta family, founded the two family businesses: Cascina Fornasier, that mainly handles livestock breeding and the production of electric energy, and the Giletta Fratelli agricultural business that carries out subcontracting work in agriculture and the transportation of sewage in the province of Cuneo and the area of Turin. In 1991 both activities were handed down to his two sons, Marco and Giuseppe.

In fact, it was Marco who was waiting for us with his trustworthy dealer, Gabriele Barale, to give this enjoyable interview. After the initial exchange of greetings, sipping a coffee and enjoying some excellent Piemontese biscuits, we get down to business: we are curious to find out what lay behind the decision to purchase the Fendt Katana 65 mulcher.

Why did you choose Fendt?

Marco Giletta explains how he has been running the family businesses since 1991, together with three permanent collaborators, handling the work "in the field", while his brother Giuseppe handles the sales side of the business. "The hard work and constant investment in agricultural vehicles have brought good results and, over the last 5 years, have seen profits rise by 300%, explains Marco, "but after a series of negative experiences with other brands we had reached the point at which we had to make a decisive and strategic move, an investment that would bring savings in the long term."

On contacting his dealer, who had also been his father's retailer, opting for a Fendt mulcher was almost automatic. "I had a chance to try the machine, and right from the outset there was no doubt in my mind. I found it great to use and after two days, I bought the Fendt Katana 65. It is undoubtedly a complex machine, but its excellent accessibility, exceptional cutting quality and newly introduced technology ensure precision working and subsequently, maximum productivity. As well as its power, to me, the Fendt Katana represents precision and efficiency. I am more than satisfied with this purchase as well as the excellent assistance from my dealer Barale who followed me professionally and competently. I will not be going back on my decision. It was a winning choice for me."

Marco Giletta has been the owner of a mulcher since the autumn of 2013 and to date has already cut up 350 hectares of surface area. His customers are enthusiastic with his work and the result is clear especially in the end product.

Marco Giletta: "The term Vario is easy to use and guarantees maximum precision."

33rd National Agricultural Mechanisation Fair in Savigliano

After stopping off at Stefan Barale, the dealer and our chat with Marco Giletta, who recently became the owner of a Fendt Katana 65, we carry on for a brief visit to the National Agricultural Mechanisation Fair in Savigliano which is currently taking place, from the 14 to 16 March 2014. A three day display case dedicated to agricultural technology in a province such as Cuneo, that at national level, represents a production panorama of undisputed excellence in the agro-alimentary industry.

Walking through an exhibition area of 44,000m2 with more than 350 exhibitors, we come across "our" fleet. Here they are, the Fendt, proud, superb and powerful. Ready to get the heart of any enthusiast beating. The day is coming to a close and we have come to the point when we need to head home, and who knows, perhaps dream of open fields and the entire Fendt fleet on the horizon.