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You don’t drive this tractor; you just ride it!
Nils-Arne Persson, dairy farmer, Sweden - Fendt 516 Vario
You don’t drive this tractor; you just ride it!

Fendt 516 Vario gets best ratings

The Persson family’s farm is located at Önneköp, just outside Hörby. There are 85 dairy cattle here and just as many heifers. Around 100 hectares of rape, wheat, corn, seed potato, onions and grassland. 50 hectares of forest. Plus three Fendts.

The first Fendt rolled onto the farm in 1983. “Since then, it’s only ever been Fendt,” laughs Nils-Arne Persson and states that the last one, a Fendt 516 SCR, was the sixth in a row but the first one was with the sought-after Variotransmission. The business currently has three tractors. The one just mentioned plus a Fendt 310 and a Fendt 304.

Nils-Arne’s Fendt 516 does approximately 900 hours a year, and is used above all for heavy farm work. “It is used for hay-making, pulling the mower and self-loading trailer, and for towing the fivegear plough and our five-metre Väderstad carrier. Then, of course, there are various transportations and other smaller jobs,” says NilsArne.

Driving experience

The three main reasons to choose Fendt? Just as for most Fendt owners, fuel consumption and quality are essential. In addition, Nils-Arne also quotes the sheer pleasure of driving an excellent tractor. “Fendt stands for a fantastic driving experience! There’s also a certain something that’s difficult to explain but which you feel as soon as you get into a Fendt, whether it’s thirty years old or brand new. For example, it’s practically always possible, perhaps with some slight modification, to attach the same machinery regardless of whether the tractor is old or new,” says NilsArne.

“Fendts have always been compact, but they are fantastic for channelling power down to the tyres and the ground. They stand for an incredible willingness to pull,” says NilsArne.

Fewer than ten litres an hour Back to the fuel consumption, and NilsArne says he is delighted that his Fendt 516 SCR, with its 169 horse power and with the jobs it does on heavy soils, uses fewer than ten litres an hour on average. “This technology, with Vario-transmission as opposed to an engine, is incredible. I have actually tested it by switching the gear box to manual and then trying to drive just as economically, but it doesn’t work. I have never come closer than 8-10 per cent to the low fuel consumption achieved by the continuously variable transmission,”

Never a problem

The fact that Fendt is of top quality is, naturally, substantiated by Nils-Arne’s experience with his own tractors: “My Fendt 310, for example, has gone 12,000

hours on daily service alone. There has never been any problem. And it’s safe to say this new one will run for just as long.” He explains that everything in the tractor is of robust construction.

Every single button has been thought through, Fendt 516 Vario gets best ratings You don’t drive this tractor; you just ride it! and the buttons are not scattered all over the driver’s area but located in one place by the right-hand arm rest. Convenient, smooth and easy to drive.

“You don’t drive this tractor; ride. It’s that good,” says Nils-Arne with a smile. A spacious cabin with good vision Something else Nils-Arne Persson has noticed and appreciates is the fact that he can move the hydraulic valves between different levers by computer. He can also attach the hoses he wants at the rear of the tractor and then change them from within the cabin. He states the cabin’s suspension and the front axle suspension are features that are important to him and concludes by describing the farm’s new Fendt as having a fantastic cabin with incredible vision - “like a glass dome”. Not only that, it is extremely spacious. “I am almost one point nine metres tall, and need a bit of space. Here I’ve got all the space I need!”

“They’re pros at my facility”

Nils-Arne is just as positive about Lantmännen Maskin and the facility in Kristianstad. “They’re pros! Always committed and willing to help. With sales and purchases for sure, but above all when it comes to providing a service. It all functions so well!” says Nils-Arne contentedly.