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With the Fendt 6335 C PLI we practically have no losses.

Carmine und Michele Famiglietti, Family business, Southern Italy - Fendt 6335 C PLI

With the Fendt 6335 C PLI we practically have no losses.

„ With the Fendt 6335 C PLI we practically have no losses. “

It’s a wonderful day in late July and the lazy sun of Southern Italy does not stop Carmine and Michele Famiglietti from working tirelessly on board of their combines. They are threshing durum wheat and we have barely been able to divert them from their activities for a short interview.

Famigliettis’ food chain is extremely short. At Nonna Concetta, pizzas, bread and pasta are made with the flour of their home-threshed wheat, as Mrs. Famiglietti’s passion for cooking has joined her children’s passion for threshing. Since 2006 she has been preparing delicious dishes in the family trattoria-pizzeria: zero-km quality and products!

“It’s a good year,” says Carmine, “we cannot complain at all. We have a big workload. With each of our five combines we thresh 450-470 hours per year on average: beginning with barley, wheat, fava bean, clover and concluding with corn, we start in June and finish in October”. As a matter of fact, besides running their business and working in their own land, the Famigliettis work as contractors and they grind away more than 2000 hectares every year.

Nowadays Carmine and Michele carry on the family business settled in 1982 in Castelbaronia (AV) by their father Giovanni with his first combine harvester, a Laverda 3300 AL. “We have followed our father’s passion and, over the course the years, we have invested in eight hillside combines. As of now we are working with five machines, and my brother and I can count on the support of three operators. Surely the most desired machine is the Fendt 6335 C PLI…” smiles Carmine looking at his brother, “You feel like you are sitting on a sofa when you are on board of that combine!"

The switch from Laverda to Fendt has been pretty obvious. Knowing the reliability of the combines made in Breganze and the advanced technological rate of Fendt, the Famigliettis had no doubt when it was time to choose the machine that could best suit their needs.

“We have been the first to buy the 6335 C PLI, we wanted higher performances and we reached our goal. Beside the incredible comfort in the cab and the technological quality of Fendt’s products, our combine ensures a perfectly intact and extremely clean grain. That’s why our customers always want us in their fields. On top of that, we practically have no losses with this machine, also when working at high speeds. The crop flow is excellent and even in high humidity conditions or with laid crops, we can run!”, proudly tells us Carmine.

Reliable electronics

Both the electronics and the contained consumption levels, of which the Famigliettis are extremely satisfied, deserve special mention.

“We never experienced an issue with the electronics and, trust me, when you work amidst dust, this is not so obvious and taken for granted. The Auto Level Control, the system managing the cutting header is more than satisfying, precise and reliable. I can tell you the same when it comes to the machine overall: this is our fifth harvesting season and we have never lost one hour work.

If we think how short is the time required for daily maintenance before entering the field or to transform the machine equipment from wheat into corn, we could almost thresh around the clock! All of this with extremely contained management costs”, adds Michele.

Clean threshing and hardly any losses

The Fendt 6335 C PLI, tell us the Famigliettis, provides excellent productivity with a very good performance/consumption ratio both working in the plains and in the hills. Furthermore, thanks to the variable carriageway enabled by its Levelling Concept system, the combine is extremely agile also during road travels, which is an important aspect since Carmine and Michele need to travel from one customer to the other.

To our final question if they are planning to have other Fendt combines in their farm, the Famigliettis answer with a smile: “What else could we want? Besides the quality and performances of the Fendt combines and products, we can count on a relationship of mutual trust consolidated over the years with Palumbo Motors Dealership, with the whole Fendt team and with the factory in Breganze. Now we just have to wait for the new hillside combine."