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The Fendt makes our working day much easier thanks to the easy controls.

Lars Ole Lillebudal & Kåre Malum, Lima Maskin DA, Norway - Fendt 500 Vario

The Fendt makes our working day much easier thanks to the easy controls.

Sharing is efficient

Lars Ole Lillebudal and Kåre Malum share their Fendt 516 Vario, which they purchased for their joint venture, Lima Maskin DA. The two Norwegians have merged their businesses and, together with two other partners, are carrying out the work on four farms around the Norwegian town of Budal in Sør-Trøndelag, an hour south of Trondheim. “We kept working together over the years and then decided to merge our farming businesses. Now we can use our investments much more efficiently because we both get use out of the machines, explains Lars Ole Lillebudal. It's how they cover the 84 hectare plot of grassland and arable farming, as well as 60 dairy cows and 140 cattle in their mixed holdings.

Always on the right track

In spring 2016, the two Norwegians bought a Fendt 516 Vario from their sales partner Eiksenteret in Støren. They never looked back. With the new investment they wanted to increase their efficiency and also use a lane guidance system, so they decided to use a 500-series with VarioGuide RTK. With it, they ensured the highest precision in the field, because with RTK VarioGuide uses an additional correction signal via the mobile network to work down to the very centimetre. “We agreed that it should be a Fendt because we wanted to have a machine with track guidance and stepless gearbox, meaning the Vario transmission was the obvious choice,” explains Lars Ole Lillebudal. “The Fendt makes our working day much easier thanks to the easy controls. We can program the settings for speed, PTO, rpm and hydraulic valves for the different attachments, like the drill, the muck spreader and the snow blower. This makes the work so much faster even if you're changing attachments,” say the two farmers, in complete agreement.

180 days in use

In the summer, they use the tractor to farm their grassland and dairy farms and in the winter it's used to maintain roads and for winter service. “We work on our land for about 180 days a year on average, although very cold and wet periods can make the work difficult even in the summer months,” says Kåre Malum. Especially up in the mountains, the winters are often long and the soil is covered with snow until late spring, so there we often only have a very short crop-growing window. And that's just when VarioGuide with RTK comes into its own. “To start muck spreading, we just need to activate the lane guidance and the tractor automatically stays in the lane. We use about the same amount of fertiliser as before. But now it's distributed much more evenly and our harvest is better,” says Lars Ole Lillebudal, summarising the advantages.

The small turning circle of the compact Fendt 516 Vario is another advantage on the field and on the road. “The machine is well positioned on the road and runs quietly and comfortably even at higher speeds. I may not have driven every make of tractor out there, but getting into the Fendt is like getting into a car. Except you also have all these technical aids to help you,” emphasizes Lillebudal. They have an eye on everything they need on the terminal. They can always see their progress on the fields and can respond appropriately to any changes in the weather. And another plus point – the Fendt tractor requires significantly less fuel than its predecessor.

Ideally equipped for winter service

In winter, the 500-series runs mainly on Kåre Malum's farm, equipped with special studded winter tyres and a Dalen snow blower. Fitted with a preheating bundle, the Fendt 516 Vario is ready for any working conditions in Budal. Up here in the north, the farm out-buildings and machine barns are also suitably insulated, to make sure the machines start up easily even in winter.