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The threshing system works well and offers excellent quality of both grain and straw, practically without grain losses

Jesús Revilla, cereals/forages/protein crops, Autilla del Pino - Fendt 6275 L MCS Combine

The threshing system works well and offers excellent quality of both grain and straw, practically without grain losses

A passionate farmer

At 18-years-old, Jesús Revilla, ended his school career to pursue his true passion: he would follow his father’s path and become a farmer. Now, at age 39, Jesús is an enthusiastic professional farmer who bursts with pride when he talks about his experience.

The youngest of his three sons, Jesús took over the family farm when his father retired 10 years ago. Even at 75, Jesús’ father is reluctant to stop farming completely and is always willing to help. In his opinion, agriculture offers a freedom that no other professions allow, but you have to love it, as it requires an intense dedication.

The farm

The main crops of the farm are cereals (wheat and barley), forages, and protein crops (alfalfa, vetches and peas). Jesús works for his own operation most of the time, but he also finds some time to work as a contractor.

Jesús’ 700 hectares are close to Autilla del Pino, Palencia, Spain, an area characterized by little rainfall, cold, harsh winters, and extremely hot, dry summers. These conditions make cereal harvest very complex compared to other countries in Europe or even regions in Spain like the Basque Country, where it is easier to get higher quality straw.

Thanks to the help of mechanized machinery, Jesús has been able to increase the farm’s operations from the 150 hectares his father farmed to the current 700 hectares he manages. “I used to wake up at 5 a.m. to begin work. Now, my son begins at 10 a.m. and completes what I did in one week in one day,” said Jesús’ father.

A loyal Fendt customer, satisfied with his Fendt 6275 L MCS combine

Jesús has been loyal to Fendt for a long time. His first tractor was a Fendt 714 Vario, which he replaced with a Fendt 820 Vario that currently works 5,000 hours. Then he purchased a Fendt 933 Vario, and, four years ago, he bought a Fendt 6275 L MCS combine with a 7 m FreeFlow cutting header from the dealer Talleres Casares to replace a 10-year-old competitor’s combine.The reduced fuel consumption, maintenance and ownership costs of the Fendt 6275 L MCS compared to the previous machine immediately convinced Jesús that he made the right choice.In addition, his previous combine was more aggressive and damaged the straw, so the grain sample was never as clean as the sample from the Fendt combine.

Last year, the Fendt 6275 L MCS never worked at a lower speed than 3.5-4 km/h, with good productivity harvesting 8.000 kg/ha. Jesús said the combine worked effortlessly and “looked like it was dancing.”

“The threshing system works well and offers excellent quality of both grain and straw, practically without grain losses,” Jesús said. “As for the cab, it doesn't matter how wide or comfortable it is, I would always look for a larger, more panoramic view.”

He added a few suggestions for the machine, including a bigger grain tank like some competitors offer, performance indicators, humidity sensors and section control.

Overall, after three harvests and 1,500 hours of work, Jesús is very satisfied with the performance and the efficiency of his Fendt 6275 L MCS. On top of that, Fendt combines grant an optimal value during their life cycle. Should he need to replace it, he surely would go for Fendt again.

Low operating costs

The machine profitability and ownership costs are among the main reasons of Jesús’ choice. Costs can be contained to approximately 1,000 € per season.Spare parts are more convenient to access than those of competitors, and fuel consumption is extremely low: approximately 7 l/ha.

An attentive dealership

With Fendt, Jesús is guaranteed optimal value for the lifetime of his machines. However, no matter how impressive or long-lasting the machines are, a professional service and quick response from the dealer are crucial to Jesús and his father when it comes to choosing one brand over the other.

The Revillas are extremely satisfied with their dealer Talleres Casares, and the excellent relationship they share is one of the reasons they keep coming back to Fendt. The dealer’s mechanic is always available and willing to support, even on Sundays, and his service could not be better.

When considering his next purchase, Jesús has no doubt, “It will be a Fendt because of the machines’ efficiency and quality of the dealership’s service.”