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This tour has enabled our customers to discover a powerful machine and benefit from the same ergonomics as the tractor range allows.
Jean‐Pierre Boiselle, head of agricultural enterprise France - Fendt 9490 X, 5275 C, 828 Vario
This tour has enabled our customers to discover a powerful machine and benefit from the same ergonomics as the tractor range allows.

Ready to break some records?

The 9490 X and 5275 C busily harvest 80 ha of corn in a single plot

After its second marketing campaign, the X Series continues to inspire and surpass everything Fendt had hoped it would achieve. Innovative, high-performance, reliable, so many positives upheld on a daily basis by our dealers. And some of these dealers are now putting their words into action by organising farm demo tours. Among them, Euromagri.

As a dealer in the southwest of France (Pyrenees-Atlantic and Hautes-Pyrenees), Euromagri has grown exponentially since its inception 25 years ago and today has more than 50 employees at its 6 dealerships. Driven by the predominance of corn in their sector, Euromagri decided to buy a demo X Series for their latest venture. The dealer's tasks is two-fold; first to advertise and popularise the abundance of technology on this machine, and secondly to demonstrate at the same time the excellent service offered by the dealership during the harvest period.

Into the lion's den...

Powered by a 7-cylinder 9.8-l engine, with its hybrid kinematic bias, the 9490 X offers versatility and an extensive harvesting range, and is particularly well suited to corn grain. The full traditional threshing process with an enforced, double longitudinal rotor separation system, combines both high work speeds and grain quality with extremely low breakage rates of between 1.5 and 2%. You can set all the parameters from the console, which makes it much easier to adapt to the harvesting conditions.There's a good reason why this harvester won last year's title of "Machine of the year".

Forward, march!

The company's young salesman, Nicolas Machado, took over the reins on our demonstration tour. More than 45 farmers have been able to test the machine for themselves on their plots for a harvested surface area of 490 ha with daily peaks. In our demonstration alone, we covered more than 30 ha. Over several weeks, and after driving nearly 800 km between different demonstration destinations, Nicolas Machado has had the chance to make up his own mind:

"In 400 hours of use, I've had the chance to form an objective opinion about this machine. And I've come to the indisputable conclusion that this machine has guts! "

He adds, "working with excellent corn of almost 160 dry quintals, the machine doesn't flinch, and the most impressive part is that our fuel consumption stayed at a very modest min. 15 l/ha." Another key performance aspect of the machine is how neatly it manages the flow of skips at the client sites. At certain sites the dealership had to provide an extra tractor-tipper kit in addition to the harvester to keep up with the machine's pace.

For Jean-Pierre Boiselle, Associate Director of the dealership, the outlook also looks good: "This tour has enabled our customers to discover a powerful machine and benefit from the same ergonomics as the tractor range allows, for example, switching the VarioGuide guidance system", he adds: "after these demonstrations, the request for quotes will grow and enable us to reach out to new customers with the prospect of new orders in the months to come"

Team Euromagri and Fendt initiating the demonstration tour

Launched last year with a 5275 C, Euromagri's demo tours are bearing the fruits of their labour. The resources have been put in place to achieve these ambitions: specialist technicians, trained sales staff and a proactive store lay the fertile ground for a promising future of harvests. This means the dealership's customers have a strong partner to rely on for the strategic harvesting period.