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Fendt is our idol!
Luigi, Gino, Davide & Marco Satin, family-owned agricultural enterprise, Italy - Fendt 5275 C, 716, 718 Vario
Fendt is our idol!

The bond with the Fendt brand

The first Fendt purchased dates back to the 1980s, a Fendt 300 tractor without cabin selected on the recommendation of the dealer and friend, Franco Roncari. "Franco had been our point of reference for some time as far as agricultural machinery was concerned and in those years he set up on his own taking on a German brand that was still fairly unknown in Italy - Fendt. He said it was a great vehicle, so we trusted him and without doubt he was right!" Luigi Satin tells us.

From there, the 300 series conquered the Satin company: even today the mascot is still used, a 305 LS Farmer Turbomatik, as well as a 309 and a 312 Vario. A 716 was then added and the latest purchase was a black 718 Vario in 2012 known as "the tiger". The unambiguous chorus of those who use the tractors on a daily basis: super comfortable vehicles where one works happily "in fact, you don't even feel as though you are working."

"Its strong points? The product's quality and cleanliness as well as its comfort"

“We believe in Fendt, we are attached to the brand!”

While the livestock is looked after by Giuseppe and Gino, it is Marco and Luigi who deal with the land while the guru of the combine harvester is Davide with whom we climb into the cabin of the 5275. "These are still early days in the fields with the new Fendt combine harvester, but I have been struck by its excellent comfort. In fact, on full days when we spend 11 hours in the cabin, comfort is a fundamental factor."

Still on the subject of the cabin, he mentions its excellent visibility. And continues to tell us about the vehicle's second strong point: "Right from the outset I noticed how clean the product was and its excellent quality. We would like a harvest the way we like it considering that everything we produce is used on the farm. For example, the corn picked on a daily basis, we are talking about around 100 tons, is never stored but placed in the drier each day. The aim is, therefore, to integrate the combine harvester into the company's philosophy.

"In addition, like everyone, we are constantly keeping an eye on consumption; no one is giving fuel away for free so it's a key element as far as the choice of combine harvesters and tractors is concerned."

“I was amazed at the quality of the product, in this case the barley”

When one trusts in the dealer and brand

As already mentioned by other members of the family, Davide also stresses the professionalism and capacity of the area dealer, Agriverde in Verona. "Franco Roncari's team is the best and they sell the right product with efficient after-sales service!

The decision to choose a Fendt combine harvester stems from the fact that we believe in the Fendt brand, and to continue with Fendt to complete the range. We saw the Fendt combine harvester at the EIMA in Bologna and we said: Who knows if one day we will have one at home. And here it is. Fendt is our idol!"