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You don´t even think about the Vario transmission once you get used to it.
Gudbrand Jemblie & Morten Engan, farmers, Norway - Fendt 828 Vario
You don´t even think about the Vario transmission once you get used to it.

Profitable quality and comfort.

Fendt is on the offensive in norway. The new Vario 800 series has got off to a good start, and customers have high expectations. Both Lars and Gudbrand Jemblie from Ridabu outside hamar and Morten Engan from Lånke in hell have already received their tractors.

Morten Engan from Lånke in Hell uses his new Fendt 828 Vario S4 for jobs that include pulling a Foss-Eik dumper trailer. Photograph: Rita Anglen.

“I also do some work in constructions besides working on the farm, and I need proper equipment for this. This is the fifth Fendt that we’ve bought. One of these has been replaced, so we’ve got four left,” explains Morten Engan from Lånke in Trøndelag. The cattle farmer has bought a Fendt 828 Vario S4 in the new green colour and lots of equipment from Eiksenteret Stjørdal. This will be used for heavier work. “The Fendt 828 Vario is a heavy and strong tractor. One of the things I use it for is with a Foss dumper trailer. I’ve also invested in GPS with a view to buying a Butterfly mower next year.”

Thought he was barmy.

Engan bought his first Fendt in 2004, which did not go unnoticed in his home district.

“Not many people had Fendts at that time, and so people thought I was barmy. Lots of people choose Fendt nowadays. The brand is known for its diesel fuel economy, and the levels of driver comfort are very good for long days. On the farm, they have around 136 acres of cereals, 430 cattle and around 185 acres of grass. His partner Therese Haugan also runs an egg production facility, and they have Norway’s first egg vending machine with a bank terminal on the shed wall. Engan’s decision to become a farmer wasn’t necessarily an obvious choice.

“The smallholding I came from was reallocated as building land for detached houses, but I went to agricultural college. I was 17 when this farm was advertised, but was able to take over gradually. I leased it first, and have owned it since 2001 and have extended to create a new cattle shed for suckler cows and bullocks and a new chicken shed.

Fendt to the rescue.

Photo: Ausra Breiset.

When the first Fendt arrived, Engan was worried that the Vario transmission would be too complicated, but he was quickly reassured. “It’s mostly common sense once you are familiar with it. You don’t even think about the Vario transmission once you get used to it. Although the Fendt is a costly purchase, the quality is good and the resale value is pretty high. We’ve also been able to get help pretty quickly from Eiksenteret Stjørdal if we’ve needed anything. After all, it’s the cost per hour that counts, and in particular the fact that the equipment is designed for my requirements and works when I need it to.”

Comfort and quality.

Gudbrand Jemblie and his son Lars have a joint operation in Ridabu outside Hamar. They have also invested in a new Fendt 828 Vario S4 in the new green colour. “We saw the new Fendt at the Agroteknikk exposition last year and thought it was very good. Therefore, we traded in a MF 7620 that we bought in 2013 for this tractor,” explains Gudbrand Jemblie. The tractor is a ProfiPlus version in natural green with extra air tanks. It also has a work light, front hydraulics, PTO and an upgraded seat.

“We primarily chose the Fendt based on its comfort and quality. At the same time, we thought it advantageous to have a large tractor that we could legally use with a hook trailer and transport container out in the fields when we were transporting cereals for local farmers. By having a power outlet at the front, we can also do a bit of grass cutting,” he points out.

Service especially important.

Amongst other things, they also have 80 winter fed sheep, and Lars has a small workshop. Inside is a Fendt 308, which has been dismantled and will be completely renovated. The new Fendt was supplied to Gudbrand and Lars Jemblie by Eiksenteret Furnes. We considered importing, but decided to buy from Eiksenteret Furnes because they provide good service, are easy to deal with and in particular, are solution-oriented. I have a brother who was a farmer and now his son has taken over. He also drives several Fendts and has never had any major problems with them,” says Gudbrand Jemblie.