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There is a huge difference between a Fendt tractor and another brand.
Gaetano Migani, fruit & vegetable farmer from Caserta, Italy - Fendt 826 Vario
There is a huge difference between a Fendt tractor and another brand.

Not just tomatoes

110 hectares in the range of 1km with tomatoes and winter cultivation: this is the short description of the Gaetano Migani Agricultural Business at Villa Literno in Caserta. Since March 2012, the fleet of company vehicles also includes a Fendt: an 826 Vario.

Since Umberto Migani set up his agricultural business in the 1960s and his great passion for growing tomatoes, things have changed radically in the company. His son Gaetano is now at the helm after taking over the business in 2002 and today, it extends across 110 hectares in the range of 1 km from the headquarters in Villa Literno (CE). As well as the tomatoes, they also deal with winter cultivations such as broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli leaves and more. Gaetano Migani doesn't work alone but is helped by his brother Massimo and up to 14 seasonal workers.

Ideal climate and terrain

About 30km south of Naples the tomato finds the ideal climate and terrain to grow and become a top quality product. It is also one of the few areas where it is possible to grow unripe tomatoes. We were very satisfied with the crop in 2013 with a good yield/hectare ratio and a good quality of product. Most of our tomatoes go to La Doria and are transformed into juices, cubes, concentrates and peeled tomatoes." The production choice is the result of the vocation of the area in which, thanks to the excellent fertility in the terrain, quality production is achieved. Obviously the land is rotated, especially when belonging to different vegetable families, in order to avoid the phenomena of land "fatigue".

Considering the fertility of the land, during the summer period, open field tomatoes, musk melon, elongated watermelon as well as a range of vegetables are cultivated across the entire farmland.

The fleet of vehicles

The company's fleet of vehicles includes around 18 vehicles of which two self-propelled tomato harvesters stand out and with which it is possible to work 5 hectares of product per day. "The reason why I chose to add a Fendt? All my friends spoke highly of it and test it. So I got to know it at the Bari Fair", recommended the dealer Ciccarelli. "And I was not disappointed, either by the choice of vehicle or the dealer who is very willing to help and provides rapid assistance."

There's a difference!

„There is a huge difference between a Fendt tractor and another brand. The comfort it provides is especially worth mentioning considering that one spends around 800 hours per year in the cabin. After a day on you climb down from a Fendt relaxed and less stressed! Furthermore, I noticed a considerable difference in how much it consumes. The Vario gears provides you with considerable vehicle manageability, especially on headland access paths for making manoeuvres. The 826 Vario wins me over mainly for its reliability."

The founder of the agricultural business, Umberto Migani with his wife, son and head of the company Gaetano Migani and the area dealer, Marco Ciccarelli.