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I’m responsible for 1,850 hectares of crops.”

Eliska Nováková, Czech Republic - Fendt 936, 1050 Vario, Rogator 655

I’m responsible for 1,850 hectares of crops.”

“I’m responsible for 1,850 hectares of crops.”

Large farms require large machines and a lot of organisation. Agronomist Eliska Nováková is the Operations Manager at Maiwald near Prague in the Czech Republic. She coordinates daily jobs, machine operations and plans the soil work.

Maiwald AG manages arable farmland and produces organic eggs for supermarkets throughout the Czech Republic. Maiwald AG's fields are located mainly in Benátky and Litomyšl about 150 km from Prague. Cereals, rapeseed, buckwheat and maize are mainly grown here. As a trained farmer, Eliska Nováková has been on the farm since 2017 and plans and organises Maiwald's orders, machines and employees. “I'm responsible for planning the sowing, plant protection and soil cultivation work over 1,850 hectares of farmland. My planning depends on me monitoring the crop rotation, the stroke size and the water table on the fields,” explains Eliska. “As an agronomist, you need precise knowledge of the soil conditions, legal regulations and good planning skills. You also need to know the machines, employees and fields really well,” says the Operations Manager, describing her job requirements. During the season, she often works around the clock and spends a lot of time in the company car and online; she needs to keep a constant eye on weather and field data while maintaining close contact with the employees. This gives her the chance to respond quickly to weather changes – a short reaction time is crucial, especially in plant protection.

The self-propelled Fendt Rogator 655 plant protection sprayer has been used on the farm since May 2018. The company was thrilled with the stability of the boom and the area coverage of the sprayer. The application accuracy and manoeuvrability of the self-propelling machine are of a particular advantage when the weather is changeable – with the conditions changing within a matter of minutes, the legal requirements still need to be complied with. The rising prices of pesticides and fertilisers as well as the volatile prices for harvested material increase the need for steady application volumes and high area coverage, to make work economical.

Large machines for large areas

As well as the Fendt Rogator, the farm runs two Fendt 936 Varios and two Fendt 1050 Varios, which are used for heavy soil cultivation, sowing and removing harvested material. In transport mode, the drivers especially appreciate the small turning circle of the 1000 series and the way the large-volume tyres protect the soil. “Last year we had too little rainfall and very high temperatures in the summer, which made field work difficult,” says Nováková, describing the challenges of 2018. The Fendt Rogator 655 has already been used on a total of 8,500 ha. The intuitive driving and, above all, the familiar Fendt operating concept made it easy for the drivers of Maiwald to switch between the different machines. Eliska Nováková joined Maiwald in Spring 2017. She came from a nearby farm where she grew up with her two sisters and brother. Her brother continues to work for the family business. When she's not working, Eliska likes to go hiking or climbing or spend time with her boyfriend and family.