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The Fendt cab is much larger and offers excellent visibility. The lighting system is ideal for working at night.

Manuel and Juan De Dios Serrano, family business, Jaén province, Spain - Fendt 6335 C PL Combine

The Fendt cab is much larger and offers excellent visibility. The lighting system is ideal for working at night.

Twin brothers share a Fendt 6335 C PL Combine.

The twin brothers Juan De Dios and Manuel Serrano inherited their father’s passion for agriculture as well as their family farming business at Las Infantas in the Jaén province of Spain. The Serrano brothers cultivate their own 500 hectares of land and also offer contractor services to farmers across the region all year long. They typically employ 15 team members, but during the busy olive harvest season, they can have up to 50 workers.

They stay busy 365 days a year due to the wide range of crops grown in the 1,200 hectares they work. Olive-based monoculture is predominant in the Jaén countryside, but Juan de Dios and Manuel are dedicated to diversified agriculture. They harvest aniseed, wheat, barley, corn, oats, peas, chickpeas, broad beans, oil seeds, and soybeans--as well as olives.

Fendt Combine 6335 C PL

A trusted solution for harvest

Juan de Dios and Manuel chose Fendt as their trusted brand for the most important part of their activity: the harvest. In 2014, they purchased a Fendt 6335 C PL combine with a 7-meter cutting header from their long-time, trusted dealer Repuestos Agrícolas Andaluces. According to the brothers’ annual estimate, the harvest in their area lasts 50 days and can easily reach 400 hours. Yet even after working nearly 3,000 hours total, their machine still feels brand new. “It is a very user-friendly combine. Fuel consumption is only 20 liters per hour, and maintenance cost does not exceed 3,000 euros on a yearly basis,” explained Juan de Dios. “The Fendt cab is much larger and offers excellent visibility. The lighting system is ideal for working at night.”

The brothers purchased the Fendt to replace a Laverda combine with a 6-meter cutting header. “We needed to work much slower because sometimes that combine could not process the entire crop we cut. With the Fendt 6335 C PL, we can perfectly work at 4.5 kilometers per hour.”

“The quality of the grain sample is very good, especially in our region where usually there are no humidity problems. The straw can be more fragile and of lower quality sometimes, but this can happen every 10 years, depending on the season,” explained Manuel.

The twins were so satisfied with the performance of their first Fendt 6335 C PL combine that they decided to buy a new one with the exact same features this year. “One more reason for changing our first Fendt 6335 C PL is the high residual value of this machine,” said Juan de Dios. “This has enabled us to get back a big part of our investment.”

Excellent dealer support.

The Serrano brothers are very satisfied with their dealer and trust that they will have support to keep running all season. “Every winter, a technical service member conducts a complete check-up, adjusts all details and tells us how the machine has been working all along the harvesting season,” said Manuel. “In addition, the spare parts for the Fendt 6335 C PL are not expensive and have always arrived on time when needed, which helps us avoid any breakdowns.”

“They always find the time to solve issues, if any, and we appreciate this when the unexpected happens, especially during the harvest,” Juan de Dios said.

Although the future remains uncertain due to the pandemic’s effect on all sectors, the Serrano brothers recognize that they, and all farmers of the world, play an essential role in helping feed the world. They will continue to do so with the help of their new Fendt 6335 C PL combine.