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Fendt promises and delivers – just ask the press.

Fendt Rotana variable round balers. Our product for your requirements.

Find out how your Fendt Rotana 160 V Xtra did in an official test. We have compiled the test results from the trade press for you.

Fendt Rotana 160 V Xtra. The great comparison.

Landwirt, the Austrian agricultural magazine, tested an elite line-up of variable round balers in an elaborate professional setting over the summer and autumn of 2020.

All the balers had to prove their worth both when it comes to wilting silage followed by baled straw. Fendt was represented by its variable Rotana 160 V Xtra and gave an impressive overall performance with excellent results.

Power requirement

"The lowest idle power requirement at the PTO came in at 3.1 kW/4.2 hp on the Fendt baler..."

Belt tensioning

"As the bale diameter increases, hydraulic cylinders increase the belt tension proportionally (Constant Pressure System)."

  • "With an adapted driving strategy and a little experience, this system makes consistent bales even down to the final cut."

Net tying unit

  • "One key factor in round baling is net tying. The Fendt Rotana excelled on this point. No matter how difficult the conditions are, it wraps the bale every time."
  • "And there is no mechanical infeed with this net tying system that could cause dirt to interrupt the process."
  • "The netting is easy to insert."

Straw bale density

"The Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Kuhn and Pöttinger balers worked at full compaction pressure despite brittle straw."

  • "The Fendt, Kuhn and Pöttinger balers achieved above-average bale densities."

Pick-up, rotor and cutting unit

"Hitching to the tractor is easy and fast. The Rotana has fewer hydraulic hoses than most competitors."

  • "Despite having the narrowest pick-up in the test, Fendt picked up the forage cleanly. Its decent ground tracking helps to pick up the forage cleanly."
  • "The test drivers were impressed with the pick-up capacity of the Fendt baler."
  • "A hydraulic group engagement from the terminal lets you work with either 12, 13 or 25 knives – a useful solution."
  • "There is an option on the terminal to retract the knives at full hydraulic pressure. A system that works even in when the equipment gets dirty."

Test verdict

"At 4,220 kg, it is the second lightest of our test models. As with all test candidates, it was operated via the tractor's ISOBUS terminal, which left nothing to be desired."

  • "The Fendt Rotana proved itself in our comparison test as a good complete package."
  • "Fendt's baler is reliable and shows above-average performance data."
  • "In the measurements taken by BLT Wieselburg and HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein, the Rotana came first in most settings."

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