The Fendt Tigo (XR/VR/PR) in a practical test.

The Fendt combi and loader wagons are regularly subjected to independent practical tests. Read here what the DLG TestService GmbH and leading trade magazines think.

Fendt/DLG comparison test from June 2022

Flexible. Compact. Powerful. The Fendt Tigo 90 XR D

We wanted to know! In the practical test, the Fendt Tigo 90 XR D was compared with an like for like competitor under identical conditions and requirements. The practical tests focused on throughput, fuel consumption, power requirements and, of course, chop quality. The Fendt Tigo XR D delivered absolute top scores in all these tests! Outstanding chop quality, more throughput , considerably less power requirement and thus significantly lower fuel consumption make the Fendt Tigo the clear winner in a direct comparison in the field. The practical test was carried out with the support and under the supervision of DLG TestService.

Higher throughput for high daily work-rates!

Maximum throughput is crucial for high daily work-rates. Ever shorter harvesting windows thus place high demands on people and technology. In the test, the Fendt Tigo was impressive with an average recovery performance of 130 t FM/h at maximum working speed over several test runs. In this, the competitor machine only achieved 118 t FM/h. Despite 6% more compaction in the load compartment, throughput is a massive 10.8% higher with the Tigo.

Significantly lower power requirement!

In order to make the power requirements of the wagons comparable, the theoretical power requirements for a specified performance of the loading wagons were determined on the basis of the data obtained. For the performance, a compression capacity of 220 kg/m3 and a throughput of 125 t/h was set. Here, the Fendt Tigo shows an even clearer advantage: compared to the competitor (246 kW), the Fendt Tigo achieves these power values with only 206 kW and thus requires 16.6% less power.

Lower fuel consumption!

Due to the significantly lower power requirement and the higher throughput, the fuel consumption per tonne drops considerably. If the results are now applied to the harvested fresh matter, the fuel consumption of the Fendt Tigo is only 0.44 l per harvested tonne of fresh matter (competitors: 0.49 l/t FM). The Tigo has a significantly lower fuel consumption of 10.4% despite 6% higher compression in the cargo area.

Excellent chop quality!

Perfect feed quality ensures healthy animals and high performance in the barn. There are three key performance areas for the loader wagon: on the one hand the chop quality, on the other hand the pick-up losses and the dirt input. The Fendt Tigo performs very well in all areas: the proportion of chop lengths in the desired range of 25-50 mm was an impressive 40% for the Tigo. In terms of absorption losses, the Tigo was impressive with only 0.3%, compared to 0.9% losses for the competitor. No fodder contamination could be detected.

Fendt Tigo – DLG recognised!

A test mark "DLG-ANERKANNT in Einzelkriterien" [RECOGNISED in individual criteria] is awarded to agricultural products that have successfully passed a scope-reduced utility value test of the DLG according to independent and recognised evaluation criteria. The test serves to highlight particular innovations and key criteria of the test subject. The present test was carried out with the Fendt Tigo 90 XR D loader wagon in June 2022 on grassland areas in Saxony-Anhalt in the second cut. The test was carried out in the DLG test module "Function and work quality" from the DLG test framework for loader wagons. Based on the available results, the Fendt Tigo 90 XR D loader wagon is awarded the DLG-ANERKANNT test mark for the "Function and work quality" test module.

Test field in Saxony-Anhalt

Visual inspection

Measurement of the test swath

Concentrated forage harvesting expertise – bundled at the Wolfenbüttel location!

In the field of forage harvesting technology, Fendt pursues a clear goal: to offer professional farms and contractors the technology they need to produce forage of the highest quality. Fendt offers a wide range of products from mowing to tedding and raking as well as forage recovery. The Fendt Tigo loader wagon is the key product in forage harvesting. Tighter and tighter time frames must be adhered to. This requires innovative products that, above all, can be relied on. That is why we do not compromise on quality when producing Fendt Tigo loader wagons at our Wolfenbüttel site. The Fendt Rotana round baler is also built at the same location. Close cooperation results in innovative products that make the hard everyday work of our customers easier. The Wolfenbüttel site is an integral part of the Fendt plant network and will be further expanded in the future.

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