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The Fendt 939 Vario S4 suits us perfectly.
Oskar Broström, earth work contractor on Gotland, Sweden - Fendt 939 Vario
The Fendt 939 Vario S4 suits us perfectly.

The contracting firm with high demands

In a former tank garage immediately to the south of Visby we find a contracting firm, Broström Gotland. “We carry out all types of land works,” says Oskar Broström, who founded the company in 2008 and currently has twelve employees, including himself.

“For the last few years we have only been involved with fibre works, but now there is no more demand for this type of work in Gotland. Instead, we have invested in a rock crusher/cutter,” says Oskar. In doing so, the Broströms exchanged their Fendt 716, which was used for transportation, for the largest Fendt model, a Fendt 939 Vario S4. “The cutter weighs almost eight tonnes, so it requires a decent tractor. Fendt’s 939 suits us perfectly! We have been driving it for nearly a year and are very pleased with it,” says Oskar.

Reliable tractor, ensuring good allround economy

The tasks of the new crew have lost no time in coming. The Broströms had counted on 300-400 cutting hours in the first year, but already now, a mere five months after starting, are 500 hours up. “Including a couple of hundred hours of transportation, the new tractor will end up with close to 1,200 hours per year. It’s good to know that we have a reliable tractor providing good all-round economy,” says Oskar

Reliability and economy were the essential factors when the Broströms were choosing a tractor. Oskar was already aware that Fendt is a reliable working partner. It’s also close to Lantmännen Maskin in Visby, with fast and professional service and backup too. " All-round economy is an extremely important reason why we have chosen Fendt for the third time running. We have had other tractor makes, but realised that we were blinded by how much the tractor costs to buy rather than how much it costs to own,” says Oskar.

Lower fuel consumption

"When we wanted to purchase the cutter, we had to shop around a great deal, for example, in Italy and Germany, and were able to compare the fuel consumption with various tractor manufacturers. Cutters are very heavy to drag around and it is no accident that approximately 85% of them are pulled by a Fendt. In speeds of 0.2-0.3, and even up to one kilometre an hour, there is a very clear difference - the Fendt uses significantly less fuel,” states Oskar.

The Broströms have also been using their new Fendt for a great deal of transportation. They were prepared for the larger tractor to use more diesel than the smaller models that were used previously. “And, for sure, they do so, but only when we drive around with an empty load. If we drive with a load of 22-23 tonnes, it actually uses less fuel. So the total fuel consumption for transportation is lower than we have ever believed possible,” says Oskar.

Older tractors show their quality

The large number of cutting orders meant that the Broströms soon needed a further tractor for transport. Håkan Westberg, seller with Lantmännen Maskin in Visby, offered a used Fendt 818 which, in spite of it having done a full 9,000 hours, was still in excellent condition. “What impresses me the most is the fact that they keep so well even if they’ve had hard wear. A Fendt has good second-hand and third-hand values, and that’s very valuable,” says Oskar.

Simple and comfortable for the driver

Oskar thinks the driver comfort is something out of the ordinary, and advises that he had exchanged a New Holland tractor some years ago when the driver had problems working long hours in the tractor. “There were no problems with the Fendt, so we exchanged it and we have not looked back. We want the best working environment imaginable for our employees - and you travel better in a Fendt than in a usual passenger car,” says Oskar.

Fendt’s Vario-transmission is another advantage. “It’s hard for us to draw comparisons, as we have not driven any other make with continuous variable transmission. But it’s hardly an accident that most people who drive a rock crusher/cutter such as this one has a Fendt,” he says. To be able to finely tune the drive on the wheel and the cutter is like gold dust, not least for the sake of fuel consumption. “It requires a little time and application to make the correct settings and adjustments, but then you 900 Vario S4 can really put the tractor to its full use. Then it’s as easy and comfortable as anything to drive. Even pulling an eighttonne stone cutter behind,” says Oskar.