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Even after a year, it is still fun to drive the Fendt.
Richard Luzi & brothers Rudolf and Adolf Menn, farmers Switzerland - 211 Vario
Even after a year, it is still fun to drive the Fendt.

Alpine Vario in the highest village in Europe

The slopes of the mountains above the tree line are soft green and criss-crossed with countless small streams. A cool wind carries the sound of cow bells over to the weathered houses that hug the steep lopes. The highest, year-round inhabited village in Europe is called Juf and lies in Switzerland. Richard Luzi and the Menn brothers live here with their families. At an altitude of 2,126 meters above sea level, the farmers rely fully on the technology of the Fendt Vario tractors.

The Fendt 211 Vario is a talented mountain climber

Dairy cows graze on the green alpine meadows; their milk is processed into butter and cheese. The farmers sell beef from the cattle. Most of the farms belong to the Natura Beef brand programme, which is distinguished by comprehensive husbandry and feeding conditions for near-natural meat production, respectful of the livestock. The outstanding quality of the beef requires the appropriate fodder technology and mature tractor engineering. For this reason, Richard Luzi decided to invest in a Fendt 211 Vario. Together with his family, he cultivates 40 hectares of steep pastures. Of these, 28 hectares are cultivated meadows and 12 hectares are unfertilised rough meadows. The Fendt 211 Vario is a special help for the fodder production for the 24 mother cows. The grass on the meadows is cut with a front-mounted mower on the Fendt tractor. Equipped with a front loader, the tractor is usually used in combination with a round baler. In the winter, clearing snow with the Fendt is fantastic, according to Richard Luzi. The Fendt 211 Vario is a compact all-rounder, which is convincing in steep terrain, since the Vario transmission is always positively engaged. The machine is very gentle on the soil and boasts low fuel consumption. The suspension on the Fendt tractor protects his back. Thanks to the Vario technology, Richard Luzi can manage the multi-faceted work on his farm in the highest village in Europe with just one single tractor.

The farm that belongs to the brothers Rino and Adolf Menn is embedded in green meadows. They also live in Juf with their families. Of the 47 hectares that they cultivate, some 15 hectares are rough pastures. The fodder for the Angus mother cow herd with 33 cows grows on this area. The two farmers were looking for a tractor suitable for their demanding terrain. The Kohler Landmaschinen AG in Zizers is the local dealer, which helped them choose the right tractor by providing expert consultation. At the beginning, the Menn brothers were sceptical, because they were not sure if the machine would be able to handle all the jobs on their farm. What helped their decision was that they were able to try out the alpine Vario for themselves in a test drive in mountainous terrain. Both farmers were quickly convinced by the machine, after all, the Fendt 211 Vario is a talented mountain climber.

In their farming operations, the Menns need the machine for the belt-type side rake and tedder spreader. Especially important for the brothers, however, is the versatility offered by the front loader, for example, for stacking hay bales or clearing snow from the paths in the winter. The tractor is compact in size and very manoeuvrable. A well-designed chassis with front axle suspension and unique anti-roll control distinguishes the alpine Vario. Together with the continuously variable transmission and the powerful engine, this tractor is exactly the right thing for their farm. With a smile on their faces, Rino and Adolf Menn say: “Even after a year, it is still fun to drive the Fendt.”

Rino Menn, Adolf Menn, Josef Kohler (dealer for Landmaschinen AG in Zizers) and Richard Luzi in front of the new Fendt tractors.