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If you are looking for an innovative, reliable tractor that is functional and stands out for its potential and environmental compatibility aspects, Fendt could be the answer.
Vanni Girotti, owner of the agricultural company Agriflor in Modenese, Italy - 211, 720 Vario
If you are looking for an innovative, reliable tractor that is functional and stands out for its potential and environmental compatibility aspects, Fendt could be the answer.


Efficiency, versatility and reliability: these and other reasons are behind Agriflor choosing two Fendt tractors for its activity. Since 1930, Fendt has been a key player in agriculture and has made state of the art technology its strong point. Vanni Girotti knows something about this; owner of the agricultural business Agriflor in Stuffione di Ravario in the area of Modena, he has been using Fendt vehicles for just over a year.

Founded in the 1980s for the production of poinsettia, cyclamens and spring plants, the company from Reggio-Emilia has evolved over time and diversified its activities. From its initial 10 hectares, it has, in fact, passed to almost 90 hectares and today focuses not only on the production and sale of all year round plants on 1,500m2 of greenhouses, but also the cultivation of pears, given the vocation of the terrain, extensive cultivations, such as cereals and tomatoes, and the maintenance of green areas and garden services, as well as harvesting for third parties.

Functional, comfortable, versatile

We started cultivating tomatoes at the start of the 1990s - Vanni Girotti tells us - and the first self-propelled vehicle for harvesting was purchased in 2000. During that time we extended the amount produced and, in parallel, expanded in the field of services and green maintenance. The supply of terrace and house plants is still important to us but, given that the offer for these products over time has increased considerably, it has moved from being a key aspect in our turnover to an ancillary activity to maintenance.

This has been possible thanks to the reception of the law of orientation and modernisation of the agricultural industry which has allowed us to obtain the same juridical framework of an agricultural business, while carrying out complementary work such as subcontracting, and to diversify, the only route that in some ways allows entrepreneurs in the rural sector to keep their activity alive. Nowadays, we work for more companies and towns, we manage the mowing, clean river banks and maintain public and private green areas, as well as harvesting 40-50 hectares of cultivation, again for third parties. In order to fulfil these operations, we need functional, comfortable and versatile vehicles."

Fendt 211 Vario and 720 Vario

This is why, in order to meet the work needsof the company, Girotti relies on two Fendt tractors; a 211 Vario and a 720 Vario. The first one, apparently belonging to the segment of compact conventional tractors is characterised by considerable versatility and powerful hydraulics, that allows for rapid lifting movements and elevated flow rate of oil needed for modern equipment. The actioning of the power take off, double tractionand blocking of differentials on the control panel are simple and guaranteethe control of the equipment; furthermore, thanks to its design, this tractor offers an excellent manageability, ideal for working in a company.

The 720 Vario, on the other hand, is a high-powered, compact and functional tractor capable of ensuring a vast range of applications, both in the heavy preparation work of terrain as well as treatments, up to a dynamic transport and practical operations with the frontal charger. Both stand out for their comfort, space and visibility in the cabin, the easy control of the joystick, which integrates in an ergonomic position and a single control, the driving technology with continuous variation, for an efficient job thanks to the exclusive Vario gears, and reduced fuel consumption.

Saving, but not just that

Precisely this last point was critical in the choice made by Girotti: "The saving guaranteed by both tractors, in terms of less fuel consumption, turned us in favour of the German brand - explains the owner–. Up until a few years ago, in fact, with high petrol prices and excises on petrol, we could not sleep at ease; we needed vehicles that guaranteed a good saving on fuel, an advanced technological level and adequate comfort, that would allow us to work on four wheels even for an entire day without consequences to our health.

So, in 2013 we started looking for tractors that met this description and we placed ourselves in the hands of Enrico Simoni, dealer at Reni Macchine in Funo di Argelato (Bologna), whom I have known for years. Thanks to his suggestions we focused on Fendt and purchased two tractors which became part of the company's fleet of vehicles in 2014. The 720 Vario, compared to competitor vehicles inspired more reliability while the 211 gave us the impression of being, at that time the most functional machine. To date, we are satisfied with our tractors because our impressions have proved to be truthful."

A mix of good value for money and technology

Enrico Simoni, the dealer in the Reni Macchine area together with VanniGirotti

The 211, according to Girotti, is a more than valid vehicle, characterised by good power, sufficiently light and slim, capable ofmoving through the fields and usable, therefore, even for hoeing, spreading manure in specific points, irrigating and spring and autumn work. "For the 720 - continues the agricultural entrepreneur - we hadto replace the largest of the company's vehicles with a new tractor capableof moving the semitrailer during tomato picking, working the land and guaranteeing a certain productivity per hectare, as well as timeliness in its intervention, to further reduce costs. A vehicle, therefore, suitable for carrying out heavy work, with excellent comfort and which is, at the same time, manageable and complete.

Vanni Girotti with his wife Fiorella Ghelfi and daughter Maria Grazia

From an electronic point of view, the 720 Vario is complete and has an advanced technology, but to understand the vehicle and learn to use the electronics to their full as well as each function, it takes time; today, I can say that it all seems much simpler.From the moment we purchased these tractors, they have fully reflected our desire and our expectations, and in this we found the right mix betweengood quality for money and technology. You don't buy these vehicles by chance: if you are looking for an innovative, reliable tractor that is functional and stands out for its potential and environmental compatibility aspects, Fendt could be the answer."