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When a product works well, why change it?
Marcello Gavio, head of the Gavio Corporation from Tortona, Italy - Fendt 724, 824 Vario
When a product works well, why change it?


A completely uncharacteristic delivery out-with the usual agricultural standards; here we are at the meeting with the person who bought 18 Fendt tractors in one go: the Gavio SpA Group in Tortona (AL).

Franchises in motorways, construction and engineering, transport, logistics and ports, technology, franchises in urban public parking, nautical, energy and lastly insurance brokerage; these are the business areas in which the Gavio Group is active. In fact, the group is one of the main industrial groups in Italy though always with an eye for agriculture. The land purchased at the time by Marcello Gavio has expanded. Nowadays, the cousins Marcello and Beniamino cultivate more than 1,500 hectares of land (split across 3 businesses) thanks also to a fleet of high technology tractors, 25 of which are Fendt vehicles. "To do business you need to be in the business" explains Marcello Gavio when we visit the site of the camps where his workers are picking a variety of green tomatoes. And at least as far as the agricultural business is concerned, Marcello Gavio is 100% immersed in it; during our chat it becomes immediately clear that agriculture is not just a business industry for this entrepreneur but a true passion.

Johann Planatscher together with Marcello Gavio and his “men in the field”

„We grow corn, barley, triticale, wheat and tritordium, the latter being seen as the cereal of the future. We follow tritordeum's entire production chain right to the end or rather, until we obtain the flour, sought after thanks to its low gluten and carbohydrate content. As far as vegetables are concerned, we focus on tomatoes, potatoes and onions. And Special delivery to the Gavia SpA Group as well as livestock (around 1,000 animals) I have now also discovered the delights of bee keeping."

In April Gavio launched an entirely traceable project: "It will become increasingly more important to trace the origins of a product; via the satellite system we will now be able to trace each product, from seeding to treatment to harvest." In order to understand that technology and agriculture go hand in hand, all you need to do is see a Fendt tractor: the latest tractors delivered are all from the ProfilPlus version with state of the art electronics as well as the provision for satellite driving. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to save on fuel consumption and raw materials.

The tomatoes in the picture are yellow but not because they were picked prematurely. It is a kind of yellow tomato used mainly in sauces.

Primo Riboni (Ri.Vi. dealer in Settala-Mi), Marcello Gavio, Johann Planatscher (General Manager Fendt Italia), PierLuigi Prato (Pierluigi Prato dealer in Tortona-AL), Michele Masotti (Area Sales Manager Fendt)

"We have always been trying to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, and this is another reason why we choose the Fendt brand. Furthermore, we need high tech. machinery and not just for a matter of satellite driving. In addition, Fendt's after sales service is impeccable. When a product works well, why change it?"