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Over the last few years we have invested a great deal in this company, but it has been worth it. The passion has been handed down through the family and this makes me very happy.
Fabrizio Valmori, farmer from Ravenna, Italy - 211, 312, 313, 936 Vario
Over the last few years we have invested a great deal in this company, but it has been worth it. The passion has been handed down through the family and this makes me very happy.

Vario gears. The ace of spades!

The forefather, Fabrizio Valmori, together with his partners, his son David and granddaughter Erika, runs this agricultural business with a passion and dedication that can boast more than 20 years activity in the agricultural industry. The business has been cultivating onions and potatoes since 1992 and, over the years, Fabrizio and his family have managed to predict times and expand their business in line with requests and market trends.

It is a dull July day when we reach the Valmori agricultural farm in San Patrizio Conselice, in the province of Ravenna, but the warmth and courtesy with which we are welcomed makes us forget this summer which seems to have no intention of ending. Fabrizio, Davide and Erika Valmori are waiting for us at the entrance to the farm where the offices are located as well as the refrigeration cells that store onions or potatoes, depending on the season. For the occasion we find "our" Fendt lined up: a 936 Vario, three 211 Vario, a 313 Vario and a 312 Vario.

A fully active, all-round company operating twelve months of the year

"We are a complete and independent company, operational 12 months of the year", so Fabrizio Valmori tells us. "We follow each stage, from seeding to loose harvesting, from processing to storing in the refrigeration cells. In 2007, the onions and potatoes were stored in warehouses, but from 2010 onwards they were stored in the six new refrigeration cells that can hold up to 24,000 quintals each." "Our company, from August toApril/May, preserves its own product in their refrigeration cells, already measured according to the trader's requirements.

It is a different matter in the summer months when we sell the product directly after it has been picked in our bins or sometimes in those provided by the client, performing only a basic job of cleaning and disposal without measuring. The use of cells remains "uncovered" by the product for only one month a year, in May, as from June onwards the early onion is available, explains Fabrizio.

"Over the last few years we have invested a great deal in this company, but it has been worth it. The passion has been handed down through the family and this makes me very happy." The Valmori agricultural business is run by three partners, Fabrizio, Davide and Erika Valmori and by one of their employees. During picking season, the staff increases up to around 14 people. The processing, selection, measurement and arrangement of the product for packing is done according to market demand and the goods are only sold to individual traders, not directly to supermarkets.

The company and its products.

The Valmori agricultural business cultivates potatoes and onions. As far as the potato is concerned, on approx. 20 hectares, only one variety is cultivated, the Marabel, characterised by a seeding in March and harvest in July. As for the onions, there are two distinct varieties: the short day onion or unripe and the long day one or winter onion. The unripe onion, mainly of the Olympic yellow variety, is seeded on 25 hectares of land, from the 7th to the 12th September, and harvested during the first ten days of June; the winter one, on the other hand, which can be distinguished between the red (Redwing variety), white (Icepearl and Honeymoon variety) and golden (Crocket variety), is seeded on 50 hectares between February and March, and harvested at the end of July and August. On average around 40,000 quintals of onions and 10,000 quintals of potatoes are harvested per year.

Fendt: perfection!

We take up the discussion of tractors with Davide Valmori, son of Fabrizio. "Our first Fendt was the 936 Vario purchased in 2008. Fully satisfied with the choice we made, we then purchased a Fendt 312 and a 211 Vario, in 2013. The latest models from 2014 are two Fendt 211 Vario and a 313 Vario." "Working and driving a Fendt is very satisfying," continues Davide enthusiastically, "they are highly versatile vehicles, capable of surprising us. Continually.

They have highly technological, very quiet engines with an exceptional power and reduced fuel consumption. Another favourable aspect is its suspension which is quite simply fantastic.Its ace of spades, however, is undoubtedly the Vario gears which guarantee maximum efficiency and excellent performance. A joy to work with, that's all: the Fendt tractors are perfect in every way." With an eye to the future, Davide concludes by saying that their next investment to achieve as VarioGuide parallel. A commendation is also given to the dealer, Reni Macchine S.r.l., toits availability and its efficient and timely service.

Before we say goodbye to the Valmori family, Asia, Davide's daughter comes towards us, as well as Riccardo, Erika's son. There was no other way for them to turn up if not in their Fendt model. The future of the Valmori agricultural business is in good hands.