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I really enjoy driving the Fendt, it’s fast on the road and easy to operate.
Jeff & Jeremy Brown, father and son contractors from New South Wales, Australia - Fendt 930 Vario
I really enjoy driving the Fendt, it’s fast on the road and easy to operate.

Fendt Efficiency and Comfort Pays Immediate Dividends for Cotton Contractors

Father and Son contractors from New South Wales are happy with the comfort, performance and fuel efficiency of their newly purchased Fendt 930 S4 Vario. Father and son Jeff and Jeremy Brown work together in Spring Ridge in New South Wales, providing contracting services for cotton, sorghum, barley and wheat planting. Four months ago they purchased a new Fendt 930 S4 from North West Farm Machinery in Quirindi. It is the first Fendt tractor they have purchased.When asked about how the new Fendt has fitted in on Gowdgerwery farm Jeff said “I don’t get to see my son as often anymore, with our previous tractor I had to bring him diesel every afternoon but with the Fendt having very low fuel consumption he can finish a long day out in the field with ease”.

The new Fendt 900 S4 series tractors have been fitted with a twin turbo system which has further improved fuel efficiency. The Fendt 900 S4 has more torque and horsepower at lower engine speeds the result is less fuel consumption. The 900 S4 has now been put through the independent DLG fuel tests in Europe, in this stringent testing cycle the tractor is put through twelve different fuel and AD Blue tests. The tractor is tested under varying loads in draft, hydraulic, drawbar and transport work which reveals a tractors true fuel consumption figure. The 900 S4 series has set the lowest fuel and AD Blue consumption in its horsepower category.

On Gowdgerwery Farm they keep records of the fuel consumption after a new machine is purchased. Jeremy has calculated that the Fendt uses $2 dollars a hectare when planting cotton with an 8 row planter.

Jeremy said “In certain tasks we save about 40% on fuel with the Fendt. The Fendt is extremely fuel efficient for PTO work. We use it for muck spreading and on the 7.3M power harrow and have been impressed by the performance and fuel consumption results. On average we are saving 15-20% on diesel on all tasks we undertake with the 930.” The Fendt 930 S4 is sitting on 420/85R38 and 480/80R50 row crop wheels set at an1800MM track width for the 36 inch cotton rows.

Both Jeremy and Jeff have been impressed by the comfort of the tractor. The Fendt 900 series Profi Plus comes standard with pneumatic cab suspension, independent front axle suspension and a Fendt Evolution Seat with an integrated cooling fan. Jeremy said “I spend long days in the field and the comfort in the 930 is very important to me, the independent front axle suspension is exceptional in the field. I also really like the headland management, the easy setup, storage of implements and operation of the headland management is the best I have seen in any tractor”.

With a Fendt 900 series the front linkage is standard so it is fully integrated into the tractor frame, Jeremy said “I never had a tractor with front linkage before but I have seen the benefits of it now. Removing front mounted implements is now a fast task which can be done at ease by one person. I have a liquid fertilizer tank on the front linkage and it is much easier to refill now that it can be lowered to the ground with a touch of a button”.

When the Fendt 900 is on the road the tractor is completely step less from 0-50 KPH or 0-60 KPH if requested. Jeff said “I really enjoy driving the Fendt, it’s fast on the road and easy to operate.”

Rodger and Murray at North West Farm Machinery helped the Brown’s specify and order the 930 S4 that was required for its on farm operations in Spring Ridge. Jeff said “North West Farm Machinery have been great helping us get the tractor we need, showing us how to utilise all of the Fendt’s features and they are always very helpful when we have any queries”