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The Fendt is like no other machine!
Walter Bernard, responsible for wine-growing at the Cloister Muri-Gries, South Tyrol - Fendt 207 V, 209 V, 211 Vario
The Fendt is like no other machine!

„Ora et labora“

Muri-Gries was founded in 1845: Benedictine monks, driven from the monastery they established in 1027 in Muri in the Swiss canton of Aargau, moved to the former Augustinian priory of Gries. This same year also marked the beginning of a new phase in the history of wine-growing at the Monastery of Gries. The monks applied the Rule of their order, “ora et labora” just as seriously to their work in the monastery vineyards.

The Muri-Gries cellar opened at the turn of the 20th century. Today, Muri-Gries is a traditional red wine producer, with 85% red wines and 15% white wines. As well as the manor in Gries, the estate comprises Aussererhof in St. Michael (wine growing), Frankgut in Siebeneich and Winklerhof in Gargazon (both fruit growing).

Aussererhof in St. Michael

Aussererhof, restored by its owners, Muri-Gries, in 2005 (put into producton in 2008) has vines covering an area of 35 hectares. The most important red wine is Lagrein, which accounts for 80% of production. The remaining 20% is shared between Blauburgunder, Merlot, Vernatsch and Rosenmuskateller. White wines include principally Weißburgunder, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Ruländer und Müller. The entire grape harvest is pressed in-house. “Here at Aussererhof in St. Michael we have 5 permanent employees and we take on a further 20 people to help during the grape harvest. Despite the extreme weather conditions experienced this year we’re still happy with the result. We always aim for the highest quality and, thanks to a great deal of dedication, we have again achieved our goal,” says Walter Bernard, estate manager and person responsible for wine growing at Muri Gries Monastery.

“The ideal machine”

The first Fendt 204 was purchased in 1984. “We use tractors mainly for transport and the Fendt is certainly the ideal machine. The infinitely variable Vario transmission, the excellent suspension concept and simple operation facilitate every task. The Fendt is like no other machine!”, continues Walter Bernard. Manuel Schatzer, manager of Frankgut in Siebeneich, agrees.

“Frankgut, with its 35 hectares of fruit orchards, has 3 permanent employees and 21 helpers during harvest. The decision in favour of a Fendt was not difficult. A Fendt 203 V was purchased in 1987. A 209 V was added in 2010 and a 211 V Vario in 2013. This year, the “fleet” was completed with a 207 V Vario. During the harvest period, we lease another machine, a 207 Standard Vario. A sure sign that cooperation with our business partner, Pfeifer Landtechnik, couldn’t be better”

Easy to handle

“Fendt tractors are easy and safe to operate. Our employees are really happy. They don’t feel particularly tired at the end of a working day,” explains Manuel Schatzer. “Stacking with a Vario transmission, without having to press down on a clutch... You can’t do that with any other tractor!"

You can work quickly, accurately and in the highest comfort. You can travel at optimum speed without any Jolting. The potential savings, thanks to infinitely variable transmission, are also clear to see. You save not only on valuable work time but also on fuel consumption. What more could you want?”

from left: Manuel Schatzer, Manager Frankgut, Martin Pfeifer, Fendt business partner, Walter Bernard, Manager Aussererhof, Oswald Thomann, Pfeifer Landtechnik-Sales and Muri Gries Estate employees