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Why Fendt? Because it is the best.
Claudio Manassero, farmer in the Italian province Cuneo, Italy - Fendt 516, 720, 930, 936 Vario
Why Fendt? Because it is the best.

Fendt – there's no comparison!

With the latest purchase, the Fendt Vario 516, the fleet of vehicles at the family run "Cascina Vescovo" agricultural business managed by Claudio Manassero in Villafalletto in the province of Cuneo, has further expanded.

Claudio Manassero is a young farmer who works around 200 hectares of land cultivated mainly with corn from his own agricultural business. Since 1991, he has been dealing with every kind of land based work such as seeding, ploughing, weeding and other agro-mechanical work for third parties in the province of Cuneo. He is assisted in his work by his right-hand man, Guido Ramando and another 7 people hired as seasonal workers. It is worth mentioning separately that Manassero was the first in the province to convert to seeding with a satellite system.

The Fendt fleet of vehicles expands

The farm is expanding rapidly and as a result, it was essential to purchase a new tractor. After the Fendt 412, 712, 936, 930 and 720 Vario, in 2013 we purchased the Fendt 516 Vario tractor with VarioGuide system from our trustworthy dealer Stefano Barale in Fossano (CN).

Why Fendt?

"Because it is the best", this is the answer Claudio Manassero gives us without a moment's hesitation. "I regard myself as an ambitious person. I like and only buy attractive, quality products. As far as quality is concerned, I accept no form of compromise. So the choice was easy.

There are a vast number of reasons why the decision was easy: driving comfort is impeccable, the controls are intuitive and in no way complex; it has perfect functionality and excellent consumption levels. Another opinion that is more than positive regards the gears, the unbeatable technology, the Vario continuously variable transmission as well as the TMS (Tractor Management System) function. There is no comparison." Each tractor owned by Manassero works for around 700 to 1200 hours per year.

Visit to the Fendt headquarters in Marktoberdorf

With a hint of pride and full of enthusiasm, Giudo Ramando, Claudio Manassero's right-hand man tells us about his visit to the Fendt factory in Marktoberdorf. "In 2013 I took part in a trip to the Fendt headquarters in Germany organised by Stefano Barale."

Guido Ramando, Claudio Manassero's right-hand man, the dealer, Gabriele Barale and Claudio Manassero, owner of the “Cascina Vescovo Nuovo"

"It was, for me, an unforgettable experience being able to see the production of machinery with the use of advanced technology and the most modern tractor painting system in the world. I have never seen such organisation and perfection. There is no comparison. In comparison to other brands, Fendt is on another planet!"