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Sharpe's 728 Vario
What started with a 1954 manufactured Dieselross ended with a 2023 manufactured Fendt 728
A story of 2 Fendt tractors – Jonathan Sharpe, Ireland
What started with a 1954 manufactured Dieselross ended with a 2023 manufactured Fendt 728

A story of 2 Fendt tractors

The first tractor: A Fendt Dieselross

This story commences in the early part of this century. Peter Wolfe, managing director of Irish Fendt dealer Atkins Farm Machinery at the time, and his wife Angela went to the scenic town of Killarney in the southwest of Ireland for a weekend to celebrate a big number wedding anniversary. What Peter didn’t reveal until the Sunday whilst they were there, was that a vintage machinery collector lived nearby and wouldn’t a stop there make an interesting diversion on the way home. At this stage in his career Peter was dabbling in buying and selling vintage tractors, “Peter’s Pets” they were called. Peter spotted a 1954 Dieselross F12 in original condition. Nothing would do Peter but to add this F12 Fendt pet to the collection and a deal was done for the tractor there and then.
Dieselross in front of the Atkins Farm Machinery

The journey of the Dieselross

The Dieselross took pride of place in the Parts retail shop at Atkins Farm Machinery until circa 2008 when a decision was made to sell it. Following the death of Peter Wolfe, his son Mark who had took over the reins of Dealer Principle at Atkins Farm Machinery by then, decided it would be nice to find the Dieselross and buy it back if possible. This started an exhaustive search by Mark and staff member Trevor Richardson via the internet and contacts within the farm machinery industry.

Eventually the tractor was discovered on the east coast of Ireland in Co Wicklow in the ownership of an arable farmer called Jonathan Sharpe. An approach was made by Trevor from Atkins Farm Machinery to Jonathan explaining that they would like to buy back the tractor as it had sentimental value to the business. On hearing this and in the true spirit of goodwill, Jonathan agreed to sell back the tractor at the price he had originally paid Atkins Farm Machinery for it several years earlier.

The second tractor of this story: Fendt 728 Vario

The second tractor in this story is a new Fendt 728 Gen 7 which has just recently been delivered to Jonathan Sharpe from his local dealer in the Southeast of Ireland, Kehoe Bros Machinery. Jonathan is a long standing customer of Fendt stretching back to 2002 where he runs an arable farm with his wife Muriel just outside the picturesque village of Avoca in Co Wicklow. The Fendt 728 will be tasked with a mix of work like primary cultivations, spraying and haulage duty at harvest time. Jonathan wanted a tractor that was an all-rounder specifying Variogrip to improve traction and reduce compaction on the hilly terrain of his farm. The ability to get work done quickly due to the unpredictable nature of the Irish weather is important to Jonathan and was another determining factor in purchasing the Fendt 728.
Fendt 728 Vario of the Sharpes farm
While the Fendt 728 has just recently arrived at Jonathan & Muriel Sharpe’s farm, power and torque have impressed along with traction in cultivation duties. Also some other highlights to date for Jonathan have been the new FendtOne operator station, compact size and narrow turning circle all come in for praise.

So what started with a 1954 manufactured Dieselross ended with a 2023 manufactured Fendt 728 Gen 7, nearly 70 years of a difference! While these two tractors are very different they still share the Fendt philosophy of quality and innovation.