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Infinitely variable speeds under full load!
Karl Fischer jun., managing director service provider, Germany - Fendt 936 Vario
Infinitely variable speeds under full load!

“The demands that are placed on us every day, can only be tackled with high-performance technology”

Karl Fischer Jr remembers that the first Fendt tractor in his company was a tool carrier (GT) fitted with a 1,300-litre water tank at the front and a sweeper mounted at the rear, which was used for cleaning work on construction sites. The 45-hp machine bought 35 years ago still runs today. It was probably even the first GT in construction,” he laughs. His grandfather, Karl Fischer, founded the company in Weilheim-Teck in 1927. He started with contracting services, such as combining and transporting lumber. The services offered were continually expanded. First, this included construction work on the Autobahn as well as gravel and sand transport. “My grandfather was in captivity as a prisoner of war for a long time. He died in 1959, just half a year after he returned home. His wife and two sons, that means my father, who was 18 years old at that time, and his brother took over the management of the business and built up the company,” he reports. Today the diversified company has a team of specialists available to provide solutions for even the most unusual tasks: experienced logisticians, environmental experts, mechanics, engineers and technicians.

„They are great guys“

“Those who work with us, experience an efficient company that has a number of business pillars,” he says. Earth-moving work for construction companies, demolition of bridges or recultivation of landfills explains why Fischer employs 220 people. Of these, 40 are in the “Repair Centre”, in which the company’s construction machines and commercial vehicles as well as third-party vehicles are repaired. A machine fitter by training, who also has a degree in business administration, he is pleased about the highly motivated employees in his company. He sees the fact that the company provides training for young people as the main reason they are so motivated.

An average of 16 apprentices are in training in the business for careers as agricultural machinery mechanics, mechatronics engineers, construction machinery drivers, truck drivers or industrial clerks. “They are great guys,” comments Fischer enthusiastically. In his opinion, the six competent foremen and trainers at the Fischer GmbH & Co. OHG, who have kids themselves and know how to handle young people, have had an important influence. Moreover, the trainees do not need to do “menial work” such as sweeping the yard or the like. They are allowed to do real work from the very beginning. That motivates the young people; most of them grew up on farms. Fischer takes care of the young academics himself. As part of their studies at the Ravensburg University of Applied Sciences, civil engineering students come to the company in Weilheim-Teck for hands-on training.

Managing Director Karl Fischer Jr

“The demands that are placed on us every day, can only be tackled with high-performance technology,” says Karl Fischer Jr, Managing Director of the Fischer GmbH & Co. OHG. That is why he has a modern fleet of more than 80 commercial vehicles and some 100 construction machines. In addition, he also uses Fendt tractors from the 900 series on construction sites all over Germany.

“They all already have a touch of green”

The trainees from the farms in the region often already have experience in operating Fendt tractors. “They do not want to drive any other brand. They all already have a touch of green,” laughs Fischer. That is an advantage for the business, which has had Fendt Varios in its fleet since 2000: two 926 and three 936. Soil stabilisation, materials handling and soil work are the most important tasks that the powerful tractors perform on the construction sites. With the ripper, the ground is loosened for milling work. The ripper is mounted on the front of the tractor, the milling cutter at the rear. The main reason for choosing the Fendt, however, was the Vario transmission and the relatively low fuel consumption. “Infinitely variable speeds under full load!”, praises Fischer and immediately starts calculating that the 930 Fendt consumes on average 25 litres of diesel per hour and the 936 only two litres per hour more. In the end, the benefits that tip the scales in farming are also what make the Fendt tractors ideal for work on construction sites.