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Working with Fendt tractors is a real pleasure.
Angelo Invernizzi, agricultural entrepreneur from Tortona, Italy - Fendt 312, 724, 939 Vario
Working with Fendt tractors is a real pleasure.

Grain cultivation, livestock breeding andgreen economy

Cascina Braghiera, Cascina Marinona and Cascina Pelizzara – three state of the art business centres in Tortona in the province of Alessandria. These three businesses are all shaped around greening and, among other things, the production of renewable energy via biogas plants and solar power panel systems. We are greeted by Angelo Invernizzi and he introduces us to the three companies owned by his family. Our visit starts in Cascina Braghiera, the historical company founded by his father Adelio, a great innovator who a few years ago decided to pass the reins to his two sons Angelo and Carlo.

Cascina Braghiera – the historical company.

This is a modern complex, enclosed by a vast area of agricultural land and split into two sections. On the one side we can find the new livestock waste biogas production plant with the fermenter, and on the other, the different stables dedicated to the breeding of around 250 lactation cows. The company employs three full-time employees who look after the cowsheds.

Cascina Marinona – the historical building

This magnificent building dates back to 1330 and is decorated internally with beautiful, historical frescoes and private quarters. It represents not only the Invernizzi family's agricultural activity, but is also Angelo's home where he lives with his wife and children Camillo and Ettore, and their two dogs.

Cascina Marinona is surrounded by more than 150 hectares of agricultural land with a variety of cereal crops and other arable land. It is precisely the reproduction grains such as wheat, durum wheat, barley, triticale, sorghum, sunflowers and corn for the livestock which make up the core business of the company and which makes the most of itscollaboration with Apsovsementi, whose managing director is Angelo's brother, Carlo Invernizzi.

Apsovsementi has always been innovative....

Nowadays, agriculture finds itself dealing with new global requirements: greater competitiveness, an increase in the request for products both as foodstuff and for energetic use in the face of a limited availability of natural resources such as water and land. In this context, Apsovsementi, a well-established seed selector company founded in 1967, whose managing director is Carlo Invernizzi, serves the world of agriculture by investing in research aimed at meeting changing market requirements.

Apsov genetic improvement fields

Special tanning and early seeding are two innovative projects offered by Apsovsementi; Angelo Invernizzi explains in more detail why he chose to focus on early seeding: "Early seeding offers a number of advantages, in primis, greater safety in bringing the seeding programmes to a conclusion and subsequently the rotation. It also means that a crop season can be exploited for longer, thus producing better, more stable results. Suitable varieties, a reduction in the dose of seeds and top quality tanning insecticides and fungicides allow us to seed in complete safety from the 25 September onwards."

The Invernizzi “Cascina Pelizzara” family business, immersed in agricultural greenery, houses company silage and warehouses.

The fleet of vehicles

35 years ago the head of the family had already worked out that the Fendt brand was the best on the market and immediately purchased three models: the 306, the 308 and the 309. "Old timers" that are still working well and still in use. Even with the generational changeover, the choice has always gone to the German brand. In 2010 the 312 Vario was added and can boast 2,000 working hours, and the 415 Vario with 1,800 working hours; in 2011 the fleet of vehicles was increased with the 939 Vario and the most recent purchase in 2013, was the 724 Vario with 3,000 working hours. Cascina Marinona is run full-time b Angelo Invernizzi and two specialist employees: Alessio Contardi and Andrea Giuliano.

from the left: Matteo Cairo, dealer for the Prato company, the owner, Comm. Pier Luigi Prato, Angelo Invernizzi and employee, Andrea Giuliano

It is Andrea Giuliano who gives us his personal impressions on the Fendt tractors. "I spend a lot of time on the Fendt tractors and I have to say that in the evening I never feel tired. This is undoubtedly thanks to the vehicle's excellent driving comfort and perfect manageability. Making the most of the high technology found in the Fendt tractors, such as the Variotronic system, operations management achieves maximum efficiency. Another aspect that should not be forgotten is the reduction in fuel consumption. For ploughing I use the 939, for seeding the 724 and for the distribution of manure and weeding I use the 312, all with Vario transmission," continues Andrea Giuliano. "Working with Fendt tractors is a real pleasure."

Angelo Invernizzi with his wife and children, Camillo and Ettore

Angelo Invernizzi intervenes who, before this complete visit around the farms comes to an end, would like to express his gratitude towards his father and his trusted collaborators as well as his capable and reliable dealer, the company Prato Comm. Pier Luigi in Tortona.