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The guidance functions especially are made even simpler with FendtONE.

Susanna Mauch-Autenrieth, Head of Sales for Agricultural Machinery, MAUCH Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG

The guidance functions especially are made even simpler with FendtONE.

Farmers are very progressive.

80 years, 4 generations of Mauch, 200 employees, one branch in Romania and one near Salzburg. MAUCH Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG is the largest private agricultural machinery dealer in Austria and has been selling Fendt machines since 1997. Susanna Mauch- Autenrieth leads the highly motivated sales team.

Agricultural technology and sales are close to the heart of this Head of Sales for Agricultural Machinery, as she grew up on the family business in Burgkirchen. Much
has changed over four generations – in the farming itself and the technology. “Today’s farms are very far removed from those we would have seen 50 years ago,” says Susanna. During her internship at Fendt in 2004, she was there for the introduction of the first guidance system – now it’s all about FendtONE and Fendt Connect. So the technology is new, but the questions remain the same: “What are the benefits, how complicated is it to use and how does it help my farm?” The business woman has no doubt, “Farmers are very pro gressive, and when new technology is shown to make their work easier, it is quickly accepted. Today, a guidance system is the norm on most farms.” In sales, sound professional advice and dealing with customers are crucial to Susanna: “Customer service and courtesy are our golden rules. We treat every customer equally, because the trust of our customers is our greatest asset.” The entire team regularly participates in training courses so they can always deliver the best quality advice. In early 2020, FendtONE training was on the agenda.

After guidance system comes FendtONE

“FendtONE is a milestone. The guidance functions especially are made even simpler with FendtONE”, says the sales expert. “FendtONE is instantly clear to the Fendt driver. The almost self-explanatory system also enables newcomers to learn the new operation without a hitch. That’s the strength of Fendt,” she says. But in addition to these innovations, she also likes the different configurations. “Fendt has taken into account the different needs of its customers. From the basic Power version to the fully-loaded Profi+ – Fendt always focuses on the work requirements of its customers,” Susanna explains.

Advice delivered to your door

“The consultation takes place at the customer’s, but this year it’s a little different,” says the 35-year-old. Despite coronavirus, operations at Mauch have been never stopped. “On the Thursday before lockdown, we were still in Marktoberdorf for our FendtONE training course at Fendt, and over the weekend we had to change the entire operation,” Susanna explains. “The safety of our team was paramount, but closing was not an option for us. After all, our customers continue to work.” The trade fairs and field days are also affected. Instead of the traditional Field Day, a new format was developed at short notice – the #mauchzuhausemesse. “We wanted to offer more digital services anyway, and this just drove that project forward. Our website traffic has increased dramatically, and the videos especially have gone down very well.” None of this replaces the personal contact between the customer and the seller. But we need to reduce contact for now.

Service without contact

“Solutions like Fendt Connect will help us in the future. When our customers use Fendt Connect and share it with us, we can view the tractor status directly from the workshop and respond more quickly. The customer has no reason to go to our workshop first,” says the former business graduate. With Fendt Connect, customers can use an app to check the status of their tractor, including maintenance intervals, fill levels, and the tractor location. This is very helpful for non-local drivers. “If they lose their way, you can send them to the right field. Fendt Connect can also be used for anti-theft protection because its location is always visible,” says Susanna. The electronics is a challenge for mechatronics technicians. “Being good with a screwdriver is no longer enough. Reading circuit diagrams and error codes and having an understanding of electronics are just as crucial,” she explains.

A companion in the 900-series

The 900-series keeps crossing her career path. The first time was in her internship at Fendt, where she also met her future husband Philipp Autenrieth while still writing her thesis. Susanna studied Technology & Innovation Management at the University of Munich after her technical training. For her thesis, she conducted a worldwide survey on the 900-series. After graduating, she went back to the family business. “That’s when I managed to entice my husband away from Fendt. Now he is in charge of our service team for agricultural machinery,” says Susanna. And she has just sold two new 900s.

When she is not working at the business, the mother-of three likes to spend time with her family. “It’s a great counter-balance,” she laughs. Her children Maximiliane, 9, Ferdinand, 7, and Leopold, 5, keep her on her toes. Like their mother, they get to grow up on the farm. “We’re such a close family that I can balance work and family life almost without compromise. It’s an enormous privilege,” says the Austrian. A few years ago, Marie Mauch, her sister, joined the family business and is now heading its special machinery division. In many instances this has strengthened the teamwork. “Fendt is the ideal carrier vehicle,” Susanna says with a smile. “Marie studied agriculture at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and has always had a passion for organic farming. This and her dedicated talent for sales are a constant source of inspiration for me.”

“My husband Philipp and I are a strong team both privately and professionally. Our lives are on an entirely equal footing – and not just on paper. Otherwise our shared work and family life would not be so smooth sailing. I owe some of this luck to Fendt and how we crossed paths over 16 years ago,” says Susanna.