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Arable farmer Ulrich Stemmer in front of the Fendt IDEAL 9T.

Fendt IDEAL sets new standards.

Ulrich Stemmer, Agriculture, Pig fattening, Präbschütz, Germany - Fendt IDEAL 9T, 1050, 2x 939s, 933, 724 Vario, Farmer 2S, Favorit 600 LSA

Fendt IDEAL sets new standards.

„ Fendt IDEAL sets new standards “

Ulrich Stemmer manages the company Mochauer Landwirtschafts GmbH in Präbschütz near Chemnitz. On 1,200 hectares, the Augsburger native cultivates wheat, corn, winter barley and rapeseed. "We cultivate our areas each season with 2 workers and 2 helping hands during harvest, so we need reliable and effective technology. That is why we are interested in a Fendt IDEAL 9T. The Fendt IDEAL 9T sets new standards among large combines in terms of grain quality, straw quality and also user-friendliness," says Ulrich Stemmer. "Our machines have to take some of the work off our hands because we work with few personnel. That's where the reversing fan of the Fendt IDEAL is simply very practical, because the machine cleans itself". This eliminates the need for daily cleaning and blowing out the cooler. As farm manager Ulrich Stemmer himself also sits on the combine and openly admits: "Driving and operating comfort are of course decisive for me because after all this makes long working days easier".

The Fendt IDEAL 9T threshing with transport wagon.

Stemmer is enthusiastic about the gentle threshing system, because the rotor combine harvested 100 hectares in two days. "And we didn't manage to produce broken grain. That convinces me," reports Stemmer about the machine. What's more, the rotor combine also copes well with green straw and all settings can be adapted precisely to the conditions via the terminal. This means that the driver always has all the data clearly arranged on the terminal and can work at optimum efficiency.

"Our farm is located in the Lommatzscher Pflege, also known as the granary of Saxony, with very high soil quality and good yields, but we often have to harvest when the grain is already ripe but the straw is still green and the soil is wet," says Stemmer, explaining the threshing conditions. The track drive is another important factor.

The weight of a machine in this performance class must be distributed as gently as possible on the ground, and the track system's oscillating design means that the combine runs much more smoothly, as each roller adapts precisely to the ground. In addition, the large combine can also drive on the road without additional special approval due to its outer width with 750-belts and still offers a particularly large contact area.

The Fendt IDEAL 9T threshing in a wheat field.
The Fendt IDEAL 9T threshing in a wheat field with transfer wagon.
Front view of the Fendt IDEAL 9T threshing in a wheat field.

The Stemmers family business is located in Augsburg and is run by his father and brother. There, a Fendt 1042 Vario, a Fendt 926 Vario, two Fendt 820 Varios, a Fendt 818 Vario, a Fendt 208V and a Fendt Farmer 6S run. In Präbschütz, Ulrich Stemmer is responsible for 5,500 fattening pigs on the mixed farm in addition to arable farming. On about 30 percent of his land he cultivates grain maize, on another 30 percent wheat, on 20 percent winter barley and the remaining 20 percent rapeseed. Short changeover times are important here, especially in view of the large areas involved. "Perhaps a Fendt IDEAL 10T will also be of interest to our company," the 25-year-old adds.