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What two farmers who have already tried a Fendt 718 are saying...
Kristian Møller Sørensen & Jørgen Kviesgaard, farmers, Denmark - 718 Vario
What two farmers who have already tried a Fendt 718 are saying...

Along with Kjeld Tychsen, Salesman with Rimmerhus Maskinforretning, we have been visiting two persons who have tried a Fendt 718 here during the spring. We wanted to hear about their experiences and so we asked them to come up with three straightforward comments on what they thought about driving the tractor:

Kristian Møller Sørensen, Driver 500 ha - of which 170 ha with potatoes.

Kjeld Tychsen has given Kristian a good account of the functions of the Fendt 718, which he got to test, and we meet up with him a day later after he has tried the tractor out. Here are his comments on his experiences of driving the tractor:

  • Nicely compact and strong tractor with good suspension.
  • Good touch-screen, simple to use.
  • Very comfortable in the cabin.

Jørgen Kviesgaard, Driver 450 ha - of which 100 with potatoes

Jørgen normally drives a different make of tractor, but has been trying out a Fendt 718. He emphasises the following characteristics:

  • Lovely gear system.
  • Very comfortable in the cabin - low noise level and good vision.
  • Easy to drive - many people get the impression that it’s difficult to drive a Fendt tractor because it has so many buttons. But, in fact, the tractor is easy to operate.